Facebook group //2007-09-07
Join the MATH-CLUB group on Facebook to meet more MC'ers even if you don't live in a city in which there's a MATH-CLUB.
see it here

STHLM MATH-CLUB //2007-09-06
Fall -- changing leaves, back to school, and a brand new MATH-CLUB comes to Stockholm! To attend meetings of STHLM MATH-CLUB, send us an email.

An Evening at the Magic Castle //2007-05-30
Art Benjamin has invited us to see him perform at the Magic Castle. He'll be there between Monday, June 26 & Sunday, July 2nd.

please let me know if you're interested, and, if so, your date preference (the calendar type of date).

DVD Taping: Math in Futurama //2007-03-13
Dr. Sarah Greenwald speaks again on math in Futurama in a taping at the Fox lot.

The talk will appear as a bonus on the next Futurama DVD, so anyone who attends might be seen in the audience (and will have to sign a release to that effect). Also we will need some volunteers for a couple of her demonstrations. There will be a bunch of Futurama writers there, maybe a few cast members.

Space is limited in the small theater we are using, so if it fills up, we'll go by first responses. Send an email right away!

Bowling League //2006-12-21
Media Bistro likes us so much, they want to recruit us into their bowling league. Send Roni an email if you'd like to participate.

FishbowlLA! //2006-12-20
Mayrav titles her entry "Math Club = The Hottest Thing In Hollywood. QED." What an elegant proof!
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Holiday party //2006-11-29
We will be having a holiday party in LA on December 19th. Math-Clubbers are invited to a cool new bar -- details to come. Plus, this is the perfect event for anyone who's interested in attending our lectures. You'll meet everyone, and we won't even haze you that much.

Taking the fall semester off //2006-09-30
Math-Club's on a relaxing fall hiatus. More later!

Wired magazine piece //2006-05-27
We're in the POSTS section of June's Wired magazine! It's a great great piece. Run to the newsstand NOW.
see it here

Time magazine clip! //2005-10-23
We got mentioned under a Notebook piece entitled "Not Child's Play," which focuses on adults pursuing hobbies normally the province of kids. The motto is quoted.
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we're on FishbowlNY //2005-07-14
Rachel Sklar discusses the NPR piece that was based on MATH-CLUB.
see it here

new website //2005-07-09
This is the new math-club website. Do send comments via the contact link!

be there and be square.